STRONG Sleepers: Fall Back

Before becoming a parent, the fall time change probably meant an extra hour to hang out with friends or an extra hour of blissful weekend sleep. 

After becoming a parent, the fall time change is much different. Kids don't know there's a time change and they just continue to wake up as they usually do-- EARLY!

And if you already have a somewhat early riser, the falling back may mean that you are starting your day at 4 or 5 am. 

It can make for a rough couple of days. 

Babies want to fall asleep at 5 pm in their high chairs.

Toddlers have trouble making it to their mid-day nap.

Parents want to crawl back into bed at 7 pm and can't because their overtired child is still awake. 

Sometimes new habits creep in and throw sleep completely off track for months. 

Is there a way to help make the fall time change easier?!

YES! We're Strong Little Sleepers and we've spent years helping parents navigate this transition. Let us show you how to prepare your little one for the fall time change with ease!

The STRONG Sleepers: Fall Back mini course is a complete guide for how to handle the end of daylight saving time. We will walk you though the most common scenarios and help you decide if it's best to prepare ahead of time or if it's better to wait. We will help you make a plan so you won't feel alone as you go through this process.

In addition to the mini-course, which will be available to you as soon as you purchase, you'll be given a worksheet to map out your own end of daylight saving time plan. This will help keep your whole family on track once the time change rolls around. 

We know that 2020 has been quite the year. Working from home, trying to keep your family healthy, happy, and rested has been harder than ever for everyone. If you haven't been sleeping well, it's probably been more stressful for everyone in your family. As a way to give back, we are offering our STRONG Sleepers: Fall Back mini course to anyone for FREE.

Yes, you read that correctly. It's free. No strings attached. Just sign up, log in, have a listen, and create your individualized fall back plan for your child.  

STRONG Sleepers: Fall Back is for you if:

  • you're a parent who is concerned about your child's sleep
  • you have a child who wakes up early already
  • your child can sleep relatively well and you want to maintain healthy sleep habits.
  • your child has a hard time with change and you'd like some tips to make things smoother
  • you're a new parent and you had no idea the time change was even a thing
  • you want some support just in case
  • you follow Strong Little Sleepers and would like the chance to hang with them a bit more!

As much as we love supporting families, please note STRONG Sleepers: Fall Back may not be the best fit if:

  • you are looking for comprehensive one-on-one advice for your child's sleep (please visit Strong Little Sleepers for more info)
  • you aren't really worried about the time change
  • your child is a unicorn sleeper and can adjust to any change at any time, any place
  • you have a baby under four months of age (babies this young have no circadian rhythms and a time change won't affect them as much.)
  • you prefer drinking triple espressos than dealing with sleep issues.
  • you are traveling east one hour the weekend of the time change (essentially keeping things exactly the same-- lucky you!)

We hope you will take advantage of signing up for this course. Please tell your tired friends as many do not realize that the time change and Halloween take place on the same weekend this year... with a full moon... because of course that would happen in 2020! :)  

(Please note that this course will be accessible for approximately one month after sign-up.) 

By purchasing one of our programs, you agree to our terms of use.

Please also note that because this course is being offered for free, there will be no refunds. By listening to this audio course, you understand that the information provided does not serve as a substitute for medical advice (this is also in our terms and conditions, but just in case you don't read them.)

Course Syllabus

Welcome to Strong Sleep School!

Listen here to learn all about why the fall time change is so hard for our little ones!
My 2 year old, Bo, is an incredible sleeper thanks to Strong Little Sleepers! Our nights with him were pretty horrendous until he we did our consult with Lori when he was around 10 months old. With her help, we had him sleeping like a rockstar in no time! We were worried about how the time change would affect him, so we signed up for the Daylight Savings audio course. We followed the suggestions provided, did a few days of prep with minor adjustments prior to the time change, and voila! Still an amazing sleeper with no interruptions whatsoever! — Bonner, Waller, TX

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